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We have been flying around these past 10+ years,
serving on demand graphic designs to our clients,
and helping their business and branding take flight.

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Valence Creative

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How do we work with others?

Design costs will go down when you provide your own logo, brand guide, references and content.


Bigger projects tend to need time to raise funds and stagger their budget. Hence we allow milestone and scale up plans, partially using the hours of our retainer plans!


Less Drawdown Beforehand

your designs doesn’t need a
heavy deposit or full payment upfront

Discuss and plan projects to have their smallest milestone upfront. This elevates the stress on budget and to reach the first checkpoint faster.

You have control on making easy edits and replacements on your website as we use a visual builder.


With the rise of AI tools, having control to replace image and content on yourself saves your time.


More Control During

self-served revisions
doesn’t need to be charged

Our designs can be converted to editables when finalized to allow you to edit instead of providing screenshot markups and be charged for it.

Stuff like namecards, letterheads, invoices etc. can be managed with the editable yet printable artwork.


We place your artwork into a drive of your choice, be it Canva, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and so on.


Less Reliance Thereafter

re-using of the same design
doesn’t need to be charged

We concierge your files to an online drive for you to access easily. Maybe your admin staff can find, edit and use them in future easily.

How do you charge for your services?
We usually offer quotations pay per use and one time cases. Small items such as social media banners and namecards are USD 35. Our regular clients (usually those with a website care plan or designer retainer) are billed on a monthly basis.
Are there any trials / refunds in using your services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any free trial services. However, we do breakdown projects into reasonable milestones and usually collect a small deposit of 25 – 50% of the first milestone. Hence you can consider to apportion the smallest but acceptable milestone to checkpoint.

Where is your team located and how big is it?

Valence Creative is registered in Singapore and currently has a team of 4 designers and developers. We have a upper threshold of 10 active clients that over Asia. Do take note of the timezone difference if you’re engaging us from another continent.

Is this a dedicated service? How fast can I get my work done?

This is not a full-time service where we serve only 1 client. However all the work quotation and lead time can be provided on enquiry. We have also served urgent posts and presentation on the same day. Priortizing your work will not count as urgent as long as we have bandwidth

Are you hiring or outsourcing our work?
We have our own team that handles all graphics, website, and UI/UX designs, using Adobe, Microsoft 365, Canva, Figma, Midjourney, ChatGPT and so on. Complicated requests such as 3D rendering, blockchain Web3, app / game development will be partially outsourced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your question here? You can email us at [email protected]!

Copyright @ 2024. All Right Reserved. Valence Creative Pte. Ltd.